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Kelsie Palmore


Welcome 6th Graders! I am excited to start this new year!

In 6th grade math, you will learn a variety of new material while having fun! The following are the topics that we will cover in class:

  • Rational Numbers & The Coordinate Plane
  • Multiply & Divide Rational Numbers
  • Operations with Integers
  • Understand Proportions
  • Apply Proportions to Percent
  • Multiple Representations
  • Algebraic Expressions
  • Equations & Inequalities
  • Represent Geometry with Algebra
  • Statistical Measures & Displays
  • Personal Financial Literacy

Study Island: The student is also expected to complete only 10 questions on each topic in Study Island. The questions on the topic will be tied to the content they are learning in class. I will let the students know as well as email the topics in the parent emails as they become available. They will be given time during advisory every day and are welcome to do it at home during the week or over the weekend. I will take one completion daily/homework grade at the end of the year over the number of topics they completed with 10 questions no matter pass or fail.

Math Builders: Students will also have 2 math builders a week. The builders are designed for spiraling to help the students retain what they have/will learn. These are short and should only take around 15 minutes to complete and if they take more, then they need to come see me. These will be daily/homework grades except every sixth builder will be a quiz grade. 



  • Follow my rules and procedures. 
  • Give me 100% everyday while in my class. 
  • Turn in all work on time. 
  • Learn and retain the math they are taught. 
  • Ask questions if you don’t understand. 
  • Be positive & have fun! 



  • Be Prompt
  • Be Prepared
  • Be Positive
  • Be Productive
  • Be Polite
  • Gum and Mints Only
  • Water Only



The following disciplinary actions are for my class and follow no specific order:

  • 2 Warnings
  • Teacher/Student Conference
  • Parent/Guardian Called
  • Lunch Detention
  • Morning Detention
  • Office Referral





90-100 A
80-89 B
70-79 C
69 & BELOW F


I will accept late work as long as the student takes the responsibility to come in for help if help is needed. I strongly suggest that the student comes in the morning the work is due to get help before they come to class. I will take 10 points off each day it is late. If an assignment is never turned in (after 10 days), the assignment will be a 0 in the gradebook.

• All make-up homework/daily work is due the day after the student returns to school. Example: Absent Monday> Returns Tuesday> Make-up work due Wednesday. It is the student's responsibility to get their make-up work from the absent folders for the day/days they were absent. I would prefer the students get work beforehand when they know they will be absent.

• Make-up tests and quizzes will be due on the next available day and time determined by the student and teacher. 

I only allow corrections on quizzes and tests the student has failed. Students will take a Quick Check for each lesson, and if they are not pleased with their grade, they can complete a Homework Redo and I will take the highest grade of the two. The student will need to complete the Homework Redo before the day of the quiz. In order to correct the quiz or test to receive a 70, they must:
• Meet with the teacher before or after school to discuss the quiz/test and make corrections, and 
• All corrections must be right. 





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